Why should you do charity?

Two hands making a heart shape

Charity is the way to help others with the sources you are able to help. It doesn’t matter what you give. You can hand out food from your store or restaurant, clothing from you own closet, shelter if you own one, education or money, if you have a little extra cash to spare or anything else you feel that helps. Charity is very generous act. The best thing in it , is that it doesn’t have to be something big. There is no sum or goal. Everybody makes their own decision how much they can give. It’s sometimes one of the toughest tasks to do as it requires thoughtfulness and empathy. These are the kindest virtues of all. However it’s not always easy to stop for a moment in your busy everyday life and think of others for instance those people who has nothing or who are suffering from poverty and hasn’t eaten for days. Some of us think we are not obligated to help others as it’s not exactly our fault or perhaps our task. Some people think that we simply cannot help everybody in this world and it’s better for our own sake for “peace and harmony” to close our eyes and move on. These are very common thoughts of course, but does this attitude towards this world’s problems bring that “peace and harmony” to our deepest souls at the end of the day?
If you look at this world status and hear the news you might feel sick when witnessing “the world’s pain” and sometimes when it’s pressing your shoulder, it’s just easier to close your eyes and ears than offering helping hand. Some of you might feel like it’s too late to help.
However if everybody would think that way, you would easily judge them too for being careless and heartless. Everyone one of us should learn our obligations, learn what your role should be for humanity and of course realize how lucky you are to have what you have.

Every religion, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, almost all of them mentions charity as a key act. For instance, the Hindu belief of “Karma” says that we must do good deeds. Christians are taught to give others like Jesus did. Islam belief is to give regularly money to people in need. Even without religion, just simply for the sake of humanity we should involve ourselves to charity and every now and then remind ourselves what life is about. Just because we are lucky should not mean we should close our eyes and minds. We are not here to stay and we cannot take anything with us so if you have anything to give away,even couple of coins in your pocket consider helping different organisations or even better join them. Bring your old clothes to collection points. Buy food for the hungry family you just saw in the street or in news. Do anything even the smallest act. The key thing here is that you have nothing to lose. In contrast you will gain so much more. You might even find that real peace and harmony in your heart for return.
We have collected these 10 key points you should read carefully and think in each section whether you understand how much any kind of charity can improve humans in personal level as in global level. At the end of the day giving inspires others to give. These points below can lead you the way to learn to be motivated to perform some charity even the smallest kind.

1.Makes you feel amazing

A basic reason for being charitable is the feeling it gives. A donations, even the smallest ones makes a person feel good all day long. You can feel super good for the whole day. The returns are much better that inputs. Therefore, charity is a great for the feeling that it also gives you something in return. The so called “after charity feeling” is one strong reason to be charitable. It makes you go and do it all over again. Trust me!

2.Small things matters

Small things

We have the financial resources to combat poverty. Our society has numerous problems. Poverty can be helped with charity. If every person makes it a duty to donate something of his earnings, it can lead to a miraculous change in the society as well as globally. Considering poverty in the developing world, many of us just feel deep sadness and some of us cannot even look at it when it’s shown on TV. Sometimes we feel like there is nothing we can do. However even though the full scale of poverty is immense , we should not feel like we are powerless to stop it. Such despair is fairly understandable, but the facts from numerous of researches has different data to tell us. While poverty is indeed extreme and widespread in Africa, we often forget how many of us has pocket which can be pooled together. One small act can save a group of 100. And one group of people can save many more. Size of your donation can correlate with the number of people you are able to help. Yet you don’t have to be a millionaire to make a significant difference; even small donations have the potential to dramatically improve an individual’s status of life. So think of this next time you walk away when someone asks your contribution.

3.Inspire others to do good

Inspire others

If you donate, the others notice it and are sooner or later inspired to follow either they are impressed or just touched. Charity stimulates the goodness and humanity among people. Give others to inspire others to give. Your example leads the way and other will learn from your behaviour.
When you help this child somewhere one day that child is able to help others.

4. Gives you more

Sometimes you might find your life little bit hollow. Many of us has unlimited goals in life which we wanna accomplish and the money is never enough to make us genuinely happy. Even after achieving a good social and financial status you might feel empty. The reason for this being can be a lack of emotional and moral achievement. Charity by bringing nobility in this manner, leads one towards a meaningful life. As we do more and more good things, we can become humble. After seeing people without anything can make us also respect things we have rather than things we don’t have. Charity often serves this and can bring more meaningfulness in our lives.

5.Makes you genuinely happy

It can give you joy and better feeling, hope and so much energy just by handing out. The feeling when you see someone getting better, someone being helped by you often makes all the bad look good again. There is so much love left in this world and everytime you give to charity you get another reminder of it. Just by feeling important and needed can bring lot of joy too. Don’t forget that happiness are in this small moments and those moments are shareable when you give to this people who really appreciate it.

6.Social gap and poverty can be reduced

Another big reason why you should start doing charity is that it helps social and economical gaps in our society. Each of us can give their contribution and it will be equally valuable and significant in bringing a change to the society. Society cannot stop alone poverty but people behind it can do , if they act together. Community work adds value to it and encourage other to do same. Attitudes can be changed together, and this makes charity work. If a person does charity it is a mark of their contribution of their responsibilities to the society and leads the road to the improvement. All of us can give what we have for people who have less. Every little helps.



What could be more spiritual than giving food to hungry weak children, providing shelter to the homeless giving money to the poor? Charity can be a simple path and journey to your soul.It helps a person overcome the burdens of their mistakes. It can make us feel like better human being. Closer to the religion we believe and therefore closer ourselves and eachother. Charity will increase your spirituality more and makes us realize what power the human has to change things. Just by giving.
Praying is not enough. Actions speaks more than words. But of course Hinduism believes in Karma, charity is an unmatchable way to head towards Karma. Charity is a great way to move towards being a good human being and getting when contribution to mankind, we make a contribution to God, and that is how we become closer to God, with charity. We do something unselfish, kind, gentle and considerate.

8.We are all the same

We are all the same

There is poor and rich. We were not created like this. It is us human beings who created the rules of inequality and based the discriminatory ideas in this ever growing unfair world. We are all here to visit. We are not the ones to judge other, we are all the same. We all bleed the same colour. It is everyone’s duty to act accordingly, all this artificially made difference between will come to an end when a person indulges in charity. This will mirror our understanding of the greater meaning of human life, a deep faith in equality and their approach to the differences prevailing in society. It is necessary to realize that we all are equal, the variations are created by us, and it is us itself who can bring solutions to the existing situations of inequality. We all have same basic needs and we all deserve to be treated like human.


Kindness is priceless. It’s built in us, kindness can’t be weighed. We are human beings because we have reason. And if this reason can’t be put to empathy, its meaningless. Understanding other’s problems, their circumstances, and relating to them, realizing someone’s pain and helping them out are greatest kindness. Kindness is giving. Every human being comes with some moral and social responsibilities and to carry out these responsibilities kindness plays an significant role. Deep down its built in to us but sometimes we need to find that kindness. Sometimes its hard work but that work is worth it.

10. Giving works

Severe poverty still exists and it makes a lot of us say that development aid isn’t working. In fact, it has been proven that those aids do reduce death rates and suffering in developing countries. It’s easier to walk away than stay and put all your effort and heart to something like that. Often we are even afaid to get involved because we would like to protect ourselves for not hurting our sensible souls or would ourselves by seeing the cruelty of this world and inequity.
Also other thing is that all of us would like to think that wellbeing, political freedom, and personal achievements are the results of our own efforts, we should realize that none of these realities are there without certain essential things such: food, clean water, shelter, basic healthcare, and political stability. Are you comfortable living in a world where there is more than a 33% chance that one newborn child will live under $2 a day without any of these above necessities. Inequality leads to violence. So distinct causal relationship can be at least found again across the world and in countries with varying levels of equality. Giving to others lets us work towards building a great place for all of us, place which is safer, healthier, stable, and better for all of us.

The most powerful horse in the history

Through history and time people have developed a friendship with all sorts of animals, including horses. People need horses for transportation, especially in the areas that are difficult to cross. But horses were also used to be the best worriers in the history of time.

Every human civilization in the world had horses for their development. But one horse in the whole history falls out of the ordinary. The long known and famous poet Homer wrote about it, the Trojan Horse.

The Antique was a time of development, wars and trading. The states fight wars for many years to get in possession of the land they wanted. And the Greek were not different. For 10 years the Greek tried to occupy the Trojans. But they didn’t succeed not for ten years. Many wars were fight and many men have died but never the less Troja stayed unconquered. The Greek men were losing their perspective and they wanted to go home to their wives and kids. No one had the courage to stay any day longer.

But then a young brave man came with an idea. He suggested that they make a giant wooden horse and that nine brave men hide in it. The Trojans would take the horse home and then the hidden Greeks in the horse would attack the Trojan in the middle of the night.

The Greek were amazed by the idea. They immediately started to build the horse. On the next day Trojans were ready to fight again but no one came. They were wondering, where are the Greeks? They went to the shore and there were no ships so the Trojans guessed that they have won and the Greeks went home. They were happier than ever and then they saw a wooden horse. They thought it was a present for winning the war from the Greeks. Many have bicker not to take the wooden horse home. The king of Trojan however saw the wooden horse as a symbol of the victory. The horse was brought to Troja. Everyone was celebrating that night. The Trojans were excited end relieved and for the first night in a long time they slept in peace.

But the tragedy had just begun. The Greek warriors that were hidden in the wooden horse came out in the middle of the night and killed everyone in the Trojan city. They also opened the gate to let the rest of the army in. The Trojans had no chance. That is how the Greeks won the important transit way.


The poet Homer writes about this war as he was in the middle of it. And he explains every detail as accurately as he was there.

The historians argue that the war was based on the kidnapping of the Greek princess, the beautiful Helen, which was caused by Prince Paris.

But that is just the mythological reason. The real reason is the economy. Every king in that area wanted to be the king of all islands and everyone was willing to go to war for the land.

The Trojan horse represents a low strategy, a trick, how to get something in an unfair method. But the horse is also a symbol of strength and win. The legend teaches us to pay attention to everything that is happening around us. We cannot just trust everyone and anything. We have to think with our logical mind and have common sense about a situation or thing. Sometimes we need to be more careful about what is going on around us.

The Trojan horse is a great allegory of never trusting the enemy. Not even if the enemy brings us gifts. We learn great things from Homers poems. He teaches us the history of the old Antique and a lot of morals that we need to take into consideration. All we need to trust is ourselves and not the Trojan horse, no matter how appealing it might bee.

Wild horses

Horses are best friend of the humans since Thousands of years. Their strength has helped humans for all the times, for transportation and field work. The human has captured the horse for multiple reasons and has made him a domestic animal. But few of the horses are still free. They are running through fields and don’t let anyone come near them. Those are wild horses. In some areas of the world we can still see and photograph them. And even a horse is a horse; those horses are unique and are different in structure then the domestic horse. They are more massive and more aggressive if they feel threatening.

The domestication of the wild horses has begun 4000 years B. C. But one group of horses refuses to be a part of human’s life. They are called wild horses or horses przewalski. Those are the one and true wild horses and they live in Asia. The European wild horse tarpan became extinct between the years 1918 and 1919. Of course the domestic horse can run off to the wild and start to live like a free horse, but it is not the same. That horse is not a wild horse; he is just a run wild horse, like the mustang.

Przewalski horses are the last of their kind and they are the last one to live free and in the wild. Back in time they lived in the Mongolian area near China. But today 1500 live all over the world, but only 300 are really free. That is why they are considered a dying out species. They are the most common relative to the domestic horse and their path has been separated 120.000 years ago.

The first who described the wild horses was the Russian investigator N. M. Przewalski and that is how they got their name. The wild horses are still different than the domestic horses. They are red – brown, the stomach is brighter, the snout is white and the mane is long and black. The neck is short and they are just 122 to 142 cm big and have 300 kilograms.
The Przewalski horses live in a herd. The herd is contained of the leading horse, his mare and their offspring. When the offspring grow, they go out to find their own mare. The mare lays its foal after eleven or twelve months. The wild horses group a small family group.

Those horses are vegan. Their menu consists out of vegetation. They prefer different types of plant. They favor one species of plant during a certain time period. In the winter their metabolism slows down. They don’t need so much food and the process is slower.

The wild horses are the most beautiful creatures you can see in the wild. But for those reasons they are kept in reservations to prevent them from dying out. You can still see the horse in la Villaret – France; Buchara – Uzbekistan; Hortobagy-National Park – Hungary.

The mustang for example is also a wild horse but the difference is the mustang had domestic forefathers. This horse was brought to America in the 16. Century. The horses ran off and make them self a home in the prairie. This horse is the ancestor of the Spain mare and the Andalusian horse.the name mustang comes from the Spain word mesteno, which means without owner – those horses are from everyone and from nobody.

Like the Przewalski horse also the mustang is alike to be died out. He lives only in the nine stated of the USA. The human race has started to breed these beautiful creatures and ironically has also died them out. The mustang horse was killed for all sorts of reason, for the fur, for food, for manure even.
Today the mustang horse lives in the nine states and it is illegal to kill him. He is protected by the law. Many men who see the wild horses are stunned, because the beauty and the greatness of these horses is incredible.

The new therapists are horses

Nowadays people look for all kind of therapy to make them feel good and healthy again. Some try the most unusual things. But getting a horse to be your therapist isn’t such a crazy idea. For centuries people with horses were more calm and peaceful and happy.

That is why many nowadays try a therapy riding horses and brushing them. A lot of places and ranches offer now horse riding as a part of a therapy. You can ride in a group or single. Usually the therapy takes place once a week.

The therapy is meant for everyone. Everyone who rides a horse can develop a relationship with his horse. And the great thing is that the horse knows that. He instantly knows what you are thinking and what kind of a mood you are and reflects your mood in himself.

The horse therapy is a very welcome therapy for everyone who need a relaxation. But the therapy riding horses was developed for a special minority; for children with problems moving and walking, like cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, deafness. Also the horse therapy is very welcome for children, who are stressed and don’t have a loving relationship with their parents. The horse can teach such kids love and kindness and respect. Because the horse doesn’t talk back, he just listens.

The horses teach us to be present in the know moment. We don’t need to live in the past or in the future, we should live know and this moment. The horse teaches us that, and also a lot of passion and forgiveness.

Horses suppose ably have telepathy strength. That means they can read the pictures we make in our head and do as they see the picture. Riding a horse has a powerful and positive effect on the humans mind and body; it strengthens the soul and gives back the lost optimism. The riding itself brings back the power of greatness and the ability to see the big you again. Horse therapy is a therapy, where you ride the horse, or you walk beside the horse. The therapy is useful for people who have coordination, walking, moving or balance problems.

Horse therapy is guided by special therapists, who have a license. They are trained and well educated. And the horse therapy itself is processed with a doctor, so he can record any move the patient does. The doctor then gives an opinion about the process of the therapy.

A therapy is composed from the initial conversation; a person brings the horse and cleans him, going for a ride into the nature, riding in the riding stables, walking next to the horse, saying goodbye to the horse and a conversation on the end. Every course and every person’s needs are taken to consideration and are individual transformed.

One of the horse therapies is the hypo-therapy. This is a mix of healing with the help of medicine and physiotherapy. The results are seen in the body development, the mental, emotional and social development.

The history of horse therapy goes back a long time. The first ne who wrote about the healing power of horses was Hippocrates. He wrote that the horse riding strengthens the mind and body. The next one who wrote about horse’s therapist was Diderot, a French writer. He knew that the horse therapy work positive on patients with psychical problems or disorders. The first known study was made by Chassaigne in 1870. He discovered that his patients had more strong orientation sin, stronger muscles and a better poise of the body. All do to horse riding through therapy.

The horse is a magnificent creature. The strength he represents is breath taking. He is the new best friend of humans and he is the right hand of those, who need him the most. Horse therapies are long more popular then we dare to think and sooner or later they will take over the medical industry.