The most powerful horse in the history

Through history and time people have developed a friendship with all sorts of animals, including horses. People need horses for transportation, especially in the areas that are difficult to cross. But horses were also used to be the best worriers in the history of time.

Every human civilization in the world had horses for their development. But one horse in the whole history falls out of the ordinary. The long known and famous poet Homer wrote about it, the Trojan Horse.

The Antique was a time of development, wars and trading. The states fight wars for many years to get in possession of the land they wanted. And the Greek were not different. For 10 years the Greek tried to occupy the Trojans. But they didn’t succeed not for ten years. Many wars were fight and many men have died but never the less Troja stayed unconquered. The Greek men were losing their perspective and they wanted to go home to their wives and kids. No one had the courage to stay any day longer.

But then a young brave man came with an idea. He suggested that they make a giant wooden horse and that nine brave men hide in it. The Trojans would take the horse home and then the hidden Greeks in the horse would attack the Trojan in the middle of the night.

The Greek were amazed by the idea. They immediately started to build the horse. On the next day Trojans were ready to fight again but no one came. They were wondering, where are the Greeks? They went to the shore and there were no ships so the Trojans guessed that they have won and the Greeks went home. They were happier than ever and then they saw a wooden horse. They thought it was a present for winning the war from the Greeks. Many have bicker not to take the wooden horse home. The king of Trojan however saw the wooden horse as a symbol of the victory. The horse was brought to Troja. Everyone was celebrating that night. The Trojans were excited end relieved and for the first night in a long time they slept in peace.

But the tragedy had just begun. The Greek warriors that were hidden in the wooden horse came out in the middle of the night and killed everyone in the Trojan city. They also opened the gate to let the rest of the army in. The Trojans had no chance. That is how the Greeks won the important transit way.


The poet Homer writes about this war as he was in the middle of it. And he explains every detail as accurately as he was there.

The historians argue that the war was based on the kidnapping of the Greek princess, the beautiful Helen, which was caused by Prince Paris.

But that is just the mythological reason. The real reason is the economy. Every king in that area wanted to be the king of all islands and everyone was willing to go to war for the land.

The Trojan horse represents a low strategy, a trick, how to get something in an unfair method. But the horse is also a symbol of strength and win. The legend teaches us to pay attention to everything that is happening around us. We cannot just trust everyone and anything. We have to think with our logical mind and have common sense about a situation or thing. Sometimes we need to be more careful about what is going on around us.

The Trojan horse is a great allegory of never trusting the enemy. Not even if the enemy brings us gifts. We learn great things from Homers poems. He teaches us the history of the old Antique and a lot of morals that we need to take into consideration. All we need to trust is ourselves and not the Trojan horse, no matter how appealing it might bee.