The new therapists are horses

Nowadays people look for all kind of therapy to make them feel good and healthy again. Some try the most unusual things. But getting a horse to be your therapist isn’t such a crazy idea. For centuries people with horses were more calm and peaceful and happy.

That is why many nowadays try a therapy riding horses and brushing them. A lot of places and ranches offer now horse riding as a part of a therapy. You can ride in a group or single. Usually the therapy takes place once a week.

The therapy is meant for everyone. Everyone who rides a horse can develop a relationship with his horse. And the great thing is that the horse knows that. He instantly knows what you are thinking and what kind of a mood you are and reflects your mood in himself.

The horse therapy is a very welcome therapy for everyone who need a relaxation. But the therapy riding horses was developed for a special minority; for children with problems moving and walking, like cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, deafness. Also the horse therapy is very welcome for children, who are stressed and don’t have a loving relationship with their parents. The horse can teach such kids love and kindness and respect. Because the horse doesn’t talk back, he just listens.

The horses teach us to be present in the know moment. We don’t need to live in the past or in the future, we should live know and this moment. The horse teaches us that, and also a lot of passion and forgiveness.

Horses suppose ably have telepathy strength. That means they can read the pictures we make in our head and do as they see the picture. Riding a horse has a powerful and positive effect on the humans mind and body; it strengthens the soul and gives back the lost optimism. The riding itself brings back the power of greatness and the ability to see the big you again. Horse therapy is a therapy, where you ride the horse, or you walk beside the horse. The therapy is useful for people who have coordination, walking, moving or balance problems.

Horse therapy is guided by special therapists, who have a license. They are trained and well educated. And the horse therapy itself is processed with a doctor, so he can record any move the patient does. The doctor then gives an opinion about the process of the therapy.

A therapy is composed from the initial conversation; a person brings the horse and cleans him, going for a ride into the nature, riding in the riding stables, walking next to the horse, saying goodbye to the horse and a conversation on the end. Every course and every person’s needs are taken to consideration and are individual transformed.

One of the horse therapies is the hypo-therapy. This is a mix of healing with the help of medicine and physiotherapy. The results are seen in the body development, the mental, emotional and social development.

The history of horse therapy goes back a long time. The first ne who wrote about the healing power of horses was Hippocrates. He wrote that the horse riding strengthens the mind and body. The next one who wrote about horse’s therapist was Diderot, a French writer. He knew that the horse therapy work positive on patients with psychical problems or disorders. The first known study was made by Chassaigne in 1870. He discovered that his patients had more strong orientation sin, stronger muscles and a better poise of the body. All do to horse riding through therapy.

The horse is a magnificent creature. The strength he represents is breath taking. He is the new best friend of humans and he is the right hand of those, who need him the most. Horse therapies are long more popular then we dare to think and sooner or later they will take over the medical industry.